Too much to say about this school. Beyond in words to describe. It is not only expanding my knowledge about God, but also practically dramatically transforming me from inside out.
Laughing together, crying together, growing together, we have had an amazing time together. We have supported each other, loved one other. So many memories come back, I am crying.
When I came to the school. I had some issues in my life. For example, since I was a child, I had had sleep problem. I often couldn’t sleep, as my mind was active , like playing a film endlessly. Sometimes fear held me and made me restless. I can’t forget that one night when I came back from the school, I just automatically said to myself “I will never have the sleep problem anymore” . I know, it came from God’s promise. Since that, this problem has disappeared , my sleep could not be better.
What the school has taught me is beyond my expectation. It totally has renew my mind. I have never ever thought that I have these gifts which God put in me when he created me.
I thank God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ training us through our pastors Gabriel and Ugochi. I am excitedly looking forward to my future.


The Book of Hosea 4:6 says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” and in James 4:8 we read “ Come near to God and he will come near to you.”
How can you want to get closer to someone you don’t know? Firstly, you need to have the desire to get to know Him, and when He start to reveal Himself to you then your desire to get closer to Him will become the most important purpose for your heart. School of Christian Development and Success is an ideal combination of gaining knowledge and putting it into practice. Its different to know the Truth from receiving it and living it on daily basis. The school changes your mind set, opens your eyes and its training you for a battle. Incredible atmosphere and unique bond with other students its only a great addition to the way how God works among those who want to have Him more in life. I am so grateful to God for our Pastors! And I am grateful to Pastors for their obedience, submission and that they want to share their knowledge and experience!
In the scale from 1-10 , I give the school 10+


One day spoke with God and I asked Him what should I do to keep on moving forward in my life? What should I do to grow and develop myself? And not go back? I heard a clear answer: “Go to school even though you attend it already”. Straight after that I signed up for the school and the year was amazing. Every lesson was so great that I didn’t want to go home. I wanted hear more about how God sees me, what He thinks about me, who am I for Him, and what is my value in God’s eyes. Hearing all that changed my approach towards myself and towards other people. I am thankful to God that I could learn all that and that He doesn’t want us to stay in one place but He wants us to develop ourselves in Him.


The school taught me a lot. First and the most that we are all equal and important. I don’t stand back anymore and look at people from behind. School allowed me to look at myself through different perspective. It doesn’t matter how much money we have or how expensive clothes we wear. What is important is that we can help the people around us and be a good example for them. School taught me how to avoid wasting time on silly things. Another important thing that I gained from school is that it doesn’t matter what others think or say about us. The most important opinion that we should focus on is what God thinks about us. Life after school is easier. I am more calm and I am not afraid of new challenges. If you have that chance to attend this school don’t waste it!


The school taught me the biblical principles for everyday life. It showed me how to live without feeling burden in my heart. It opened my eyes for things that are important and more important. Helped me to discover my purpose and how to organised my time so it won’t be wasted. Today I know how to avoid being offended and how to not offend anyone. Through school I learnt how to live not based on my emotions but on the Holy Spirit. God through that school healed me from my past and prepare me for my future. I thank God for this school because it is a big blessing. I never thought that this school will have a such an impact on my marriage, family and my thinking.
I recommend this school to everyone. Everyone will find something that will change their thinking and heart.



One of the things that I have learnt at Christian Development School is to not allow any tradition or beliefs to control or limit me or force me to behave in certain way such as christening a new born baby. I finally understood that God is above that what has been legalized by human being. At school I also learnt to first seek the Kingdom of God and make God number one in my life. Now I always ask God to help me to make the decision because before I used to decide on things myself but not always worked out the way I wanted to.
If I wouldn’t have God in my life I would struggle with coping with my situation. I have moved to a different country where I don’t know anyone, I don’t have friends and I feel lonely. When I feel down I turn to God to ask him for help, before I would focus on all negative things and blame everyone around me for this situation. Having God in my heart make it possible for me to completely trust him and even though I don’t know where I am going but I am sure that God’s plan is the best for me and my life will be fruitful as long as I have him by my side.
The school gave me the courage to talk about God everywhere I go and with whoever I meet regardless if he is a member of my family or a total stranger. I am not afraid anymore of talking about God and I don’t deny him.
My move to Ireland made me to come out of my comfort zone. Whilst I lived in Southampton I had everything, friends, church and family. With the moment when I made decision to move to Ireland I gave up all that to start something new, something unknown in Ireland. I believe that God has a plan for me and He wants me to work in order to create Christian fellowship and preach the gospel for Christians and those who have never heard of God. I know it’s not going to be easy but I know that with God everything is possible. If that is God’s plan he will bless me.


The school has made me understand that my life doesn’t belong to me. Until now I had always thought that it belonged to me and I could do whatever I wanted with it. But I was mistaken as the life has been given to me by God and that I live to fulfill God’s will. God has sent us to the earth to help overcome problems that people are facing such as alcoholism, poverty, hunger etc. Pastors have helped me to understand my calling and use my life to help others. One of the topics that was covered at school was our value and how we can grade our value. I have learnt that other people can’t tell us if we are valuable or not as our value is defined already by God and how precious we are to him.

My life isn’t based on what I want but on what I can do to help others. I don’t want to waste any more time trying to find something that will satisfy me for a short term like money or career because there is much more to life than that. Helping others and knowing that one day I will be rewarded by God makes me satisfied in a long term. The school has made me realize that my body is the temple of Holy Spirit and I should look after it properly so Holy Spirit can live in me and help me to overcome issues that I am facing. The power of God is in me but the only way to use it is to change our life and do everything that will please God so his love can flow through us and be visible and noticeable to others that surround us.



To finish the School of Christian Development and Success was a big challenge for me. I didn’t just want to graduate and receive a diploma but I wanted to see my life transformed into God’s will.
I know that completing this school is just the beginning; my life exam has only just began.
I can see that my life has changed in many aspects. At school I learnt many of God’s principles and truths which have given me a greater revelation of God.  The School has built me up spiritually, mobilised and given me strength to always go forward… to go beyond my comfort zone.
One of the most shocking truths which I learnt from the School was the fact that success is not my life achievements but true success is living according Gods rules and will. This is precisely the kind of success I want to achieve in my life.
At school I also learnt how to deal with problems and how to discipline myself.
There are a lot of changes already in my life: I have moved forward with my work. I am doing courses and trying to do everything to develop my professional skills. My attitude to work has changed. I like my work again!
At home, in my marriage I am a much calmer person.  I am still learning how to accept changes. I am learning that not everything must be the way I want.
I have also learnt not to talk about my personal problems with other people just to feel better! I seek godly counsel rather than engage in mere comfort talking.
I try to make my plan for each day and try to complete all my tasks.
One of the most exciting things which I have experienced through the school was the revelation about fasting.
I am still learning how not to give up and trust God in all circumstances.
I am aware that there are still a lot of changes and challenges ahead of me, but I know that I am moving forward. The most important thing for me is to be close to the God.
I want to encourage everyone who wants to know God better and know His plan for their life to take a part in this school.
I can boldly say that it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life!



My name is Malgorzata and I am Polish of Romany descent. I want to welcome everyone reading my testimony about the school of Christian development and success.

In 2006 I gave my life to Jesus and I felt fulfilled going to church but I did not really understand that the Lord would choose me. I could not write and I don’t have an educational background; I grew up in the village.

Then I started attending Majesty House Church and enrolled into the school of Christian development and success. At first I had doubts about attending the school. How will I cope without an educational background, but during the school I discovered my calling.

My calling is to reach people from my background with the gospel, to teach them that we are valuable, with God all things are possible and that it is never too late to be successful. At the school I discovered my value. I am grateful to God and the pastors that they encouraged me and they believed in me.

I completed the school in 2012. I discovered my ministry. I organise monthly meetings inviting my parents and other people especially of Romany descent. I teach them that God loves them and that they are valuable. God gave me wisdom to finish the school. There is nothing impossible for Him. He can do the same for every woman as well. He is not a respecter of persons, He loves everyone. I am grateful to God that now I feel valuable, fulfilled and bold. I can now help other people.


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