The Vision

Helping you achieve your potential; Healing your past, empowering your future and preparing you for leadership.

Pastors Gabriel and Ugochi Adams are the principals of the school of Christian development and success. They are Pastors of Majesty House in Southampton and they are both qualified medical doctors.

In 1980 while in the medical school God called us to “heal my people and teach them to follow my ways”. This started us on a journey of studying and preaching God’s Word and learning  His ways of doing ministry. Jesus is the Healer. He is the greatest Physician.  He heals our past and empowers our future.

In 1998 God gave us a promise that He will send us an amazing growth in the lives of the members and in the life of the church. In 2011 God began to show us in different ways that it was time to prepare both ourselves and the church for the promised revival.

In 2012 The School of Christian Development And Success was born. It was born out of a desire to mature Christians and prepare them for the coming move of God. It is an avenue to raise sons for God who will carry His revival to the ends of the earth, winning families, cities, tribes and nations for God.

In 2013 We had our first graduation from the School. All our students from the school are involved in different ministries both in and outside church.

The curriculum is made up of the vital lessons we have learnt over 30 years of Christian ministry

The school will prepare you for your part in the coming revival and how you can fulfil what God has called you to do. You will also find out how you can position yourself financially to achieve success and be free from the rat race in order to serve God.

The school is not only for the members of a particular congregation but is open to anyone who is hungry to take part in the next move of God

It will change your view of ministry and open you up to numerous ways of doing ministry.

There are no bench warmers in the  kingdom of God. We are all saved for a purpose and for a definite mission. By God’s grace you will find this purpose by the time you finish the school.

In Luke chapter 10 Jesus sent out 72 disciples to go to the places he planned to go. He first of all gave them specific instructions. The same way He is sending us to the places He has planned to go and He wants to give us specific instructions.

Without His instructions we are doing our own thing and our chance of success is poor.

He gave them information about where He wanted them to go, he instructed them about prayers, about character and attitudes. He taught them financial discipline and focus.

Our task today is not less than theirs and God also wants to prepare us.

The greatest proof of desire is pursuit and the greatest proof of faith is preparation.