Over 100 hrs of lessons leading to Diploma in Christian development. Lessons include Practical Presentations to help you defeat the fear of public speaking and overcome any mental laziness.

The school is designed as a two-year programme. However, we do realise that some people have had a better foundation or have been Christians for some time and have learnt a lot more in their walk with God. Such people may be able to complete the school in the 1st year with hard work but this is the exception rather than the rule.

First Year

-The whole of the first year will be a shock to most people; you will gain knowledge of the principles that have been given to you by God to make you successful in your personal life as well as your spiritual life.

– Healing your past and empowering your future. We will teach you biblical principles to overcome a difficult past and build skills to help your future. You will learn planning and organisational skills to help you become more productive. You will be involved in ministry and teamwork to help you prepare for God’s will and plan for your life.

– During the first year of the school you will learn to get rid of superstitious religious beliefs that have put limitations on you. You will begin to see the great plans that God prepared for you.

– You will realise how important it is to read Bible and grow spiritually by getting to know God better.

– You will learn to start living by serving others in the name of Jesus.

-You will also find out how important it is to belong to a church. The school is open to people from other churches

-You will learn to overcome mental laziness and broaden your thinking by giving you practical and non-religious understanding of God’s Word and principles.

-During the school you will realise that everything you have comes from God and that you did not achieve what you have by your own strength but only through God’s grace. You will learn that without God you are nothing!
– Assessment will be based on: attendance, homework, testimonials, examination, personal development, presentations and achievements during school

Second Year

The topics we cover at the school are best covered in 2 years. The 2nd year of school is to enable you to go deeper in your understanding of the topics taught in the 1st year.

– We do realise that some people have had very difficult life experiences in the past and a 2nd year of school is necessary to understand the depth of the topics we teach.

– After the shock of the 1st year you will be ready to gain more knowledge about your calling and a desire to deepen a personal relationship with God.

– At the 2nd year you will practice how to live life according to God’s principles and the fruits of this will be visible not only in the church but outside the church, in your home and work environment.

– For you to be allowed to proceed to the 2nd year of the school of Christian development and success you will have to pass the 1st year. If you cannot pass the 1st year you will be advised to have a break in attendance and get some basic knowledge about your faith from attending regular meetings in your church before attending the school again.

Refresher course for graduates.

– As you might be aware our human memory is very short and we easily forget what we have learnt during the school.

– The opportunity to be able to attend school again helps remind you of those aspects in your life that you are still struggling with and With God’s help you will be able to overcome those issues and you won’t let them to stand in your way to continue your growth.

– Every aspect that is taught at the school will help you and allow you to pursue further success in your personal life as well as in your spiritual life.

-You will receive further support to develop your ministry and calling in God and strengthen those character traits and discipline which you learnt at the school of Christian development and success.

For half the price you can go through the whole school again, refreshing your knowledge. There may be new topics and sometimes different from topics you have done previously, but most of the time it will be a revision of topics we have covered at school. It may be possible to do half a refresher course for 6 months if you are within a time constraint but we recommend the 1 year course if possible. You will need to register and take part in all parts of the school for the period you are enrolled.