About the school

The School holds one meeting on Mondays at 7 pm every week.

The classes at the school are taught in both English and Polish as required.

We are constantly improving the school and the material.There are new topics added every year. We are constantly seeking God to know the direction of the school by dedication and prayer.

We cover 120 hours of lessons lead to a diploma.

There are 3 terms: the 1st term deals with personal development, healing of past hurts and overcoming difficulties. The 2nd term covers spiritual development and the 3rd term discovering your mission and cultivating discipline to fulfil it.

We focus on building character, learning how to create a godly environment, hard work, accountability, taking initiative and responsibility

We learn discipline and how to apply it to our lives

We train our students in public speaking by giving them an opportunity to teach at Bible study, prayer meeting and at church service.

We train our students to invest in themselves by attending recommended conferences, reading recommended books and listening to specific sermons.

We learn how to extract important information and obey instructions accurately.

School is for everyone who desires to improve their knowledge of God, apply this knowledge in their everyday life to find their purpose in life.

The school is open to students outside our church as well. There will be no pressure to join a particular church as we realise the kingdom of God is greater than any particular church.

Some of our students have been Christians for a long time, and others are new Christians, some students have degrees already and others don’t.

There is a graduation from the school when you have attained the recommended level of study and practical application. We do not anticipate failures from the school but some students may need more time to digest the material taught at the school and achieve the level expected for graduation.

There will be opportunities for practicals on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Students from other churches will be allowed to do their practical in their own churches.